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Welcome to M M Rabbani High School & Junior College

Mr.Shaikh Husain Rabbani along with his saintly companions (May Allah Give Them Solace And Best Reward) laid the foundation of Madrasatul Muslemeen in 1892, knowing that, seeking knowledge is obligatory for each and every Muslim. Due to the devotion and dedication of Rabbani Sahab and his visionary spirited team, that Madrasa became the Primary school in 1902 and later in 1932 it became the Middle School. The seed sown by him was spread into Higher Secondary in 1958 and Junior college in 1974.

Today it stands as a source of inspiration and hope, the symbol of progress and prosperity. the mirror of past and present, the centre of quality education and sports, the base of sound culture and civilization, the reflection of arts and literature and above all the token of unity in diversity

We have been remained successful in maintaining the sound records, THE BEST SCHOOL AWARS and THE SPECIAL TROPHY are token in this respect, lots of constructive and progressive work have also been taken place in the recent past and during the recent times, still we have lots of works to do. Due to an educational awareness among the masses, we are getting over-whelming response and huge amount of supports from the parents, the society, the well- wishers, the departments and the Government. Hence we are extremely hopeful to achieve our mission in the days to come.

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FROM THe Hon. Secrelary's desk

Mr. Altafur Rahim Aazmi

"Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every single Muslim," with such a spiritual and sacred spirit, Master Shaikh Husain Rabbani and some of the pious and God-conscious people of Kamptee, laid the foundation of Madrasatul Muslemeen, in the year1932(May Allah accept their efforts and bless them paradise), from that point of time, it started flourishing by leaps and bounds, and today it turned out to be the most prestigious and highly reputed High School and Junior College, one of the remarkable educational institution for Urdu knowing minority community Kamptee.

To be a secretary of such an excellent institute, having equally glorious past records, is really a great privilege and an honour, for which I wish to express my deep gratitude to Allah. M.M.RABBANI HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE has been remained successful in maintaining not only quality education but also extremely high degree of discipline from its very existence. This has become possible because of the team spirit, co-ordination, co-operation, devotion and dedication of all the past and present members of the school management and the staff members.

Though M.M Rabbani HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE had gifted us an ornamental Urdu medium culture in terms of both, Urdu literature and Urdu poetry, sensing the challenges ahead the members of the management started not only semi English medium in the middle school and in the high school but also English medium in the junior college.

During recent time the strength of the students are increasing day by day, due to which new construction of an attractive huge building, a play ground and some renovation works are urgently required. The managing committee and the staff members are also thinking to start English medium section from primary to high school, and to introduce various new courses, specially the courses which provide the job opportunities to the students.

Considering this fact in mind, being a secretary of the school management ,I wish to make an extremely sincere and humble appeal to all the sections of the community in general and the state government in particular, for the best interest and the progress of the students, kindly come forward and do join with us in such a great cause as early as possible. For creating a sense of awareness among the alumni," My Alma-mater my contribution." I express my polite request to all the alumni to kindly pay visit to their Alma- mater and not only give the progressive suggestions but also donate the amount, so that their Alma -mater remains the source of bright future for the upcoming generations.

May Allah make us successful in our mission as well as vision and convert all our dreams and desires into reality for the brightest possible future of the students. May Allah accept all our sincere and honest efforts and keep us going on the progressive track in the future to come. May Allah produce from this institute luminaries and extra ordinary individuals who enlighten the whole world and spread the fragrance of peace and goodness.


Altafur Rahim Aazmi (MSc. BEd.)
Secretary, Madrasatul Muslemeen
Redired Asstt. Secratory
Nagpur Divisional Board Nagpur
FROM THe principal's desk

Mr. Iftekhar Ahmad

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I assume the role of Principal at M.M. Rabbani High School and Junior College, a venerable institution with a rich legacy since its establishment in 1932.

Our foundation rests on pillars of discipline, sports, quality education, football, and a commitment to nurturing Urdu language proficiency. These elements not only define our ethos but also contribute to the holistic development of our students.

I am honored to lead a school that enjoys a stellar reputation in Maharashtra, thanks to the collective efforts of dedicated educators, supportive staff, and the invaluable assistance from individuals across various walks of life. Your continued support is crucial as we strive to maintain and elevate the standards of excellence that define our institution.

While we celebrate our successes, it is equally important to acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead. Together, as a united educational community, we shall face these challenges head-on, adapting and evolving to ensure that M.M. Rabbani High School and Junior College continues to be a beacon of quality education and character building.

I look forward to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment where every student can thrive and realize their full potential. With your continued partnership, we will embark on a journey of growth, resilience, and achievement.

Thank you for entrusting me with this responsibility. Here's to a promising future for M.M. Rabbani High School and Junior College.

Principal Iftikhar Ahmad
Iftekhar Ahmad